Friday, January 06, 2012

rules that I learn

Assalamualaikum to all....hahaha..just make another entry... Don't know what else to do...

#1 Rule : Don't sleep toooooo late on your study week
- you just need to rest a lot at that time.
-not stress yourself even more..

#2 Rule : always get yourself focus
- you might end up watching Running Man or twitter (like me)

#3 Rule : don't force yourself
-well...hahha that's one for me

#4 Rule : don't get yourself into a drama
- you know which drama I refer to? naahhh..not that one la..
- your own life drama...make your self complicated..

#5 Rule : have a good time management
- so that, you don't have to rush yourself..

is this a good rule or what?? hahaha...for me it is like...more to advice for me actually... or it might be for YOU too.. just take a good care during this exam week #exammode

p/s : I just feel want to read in English...nothing very special about it.. just me against blog XD

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