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Cara untuk halang orang untuk tidak anti-sosial

Hey semua. Kalau ada yang baca post saya pasal anti-sosial...boleh la katakan ini post berkaitan. Jadi kita sebagai kawan kita yang tak sedar yang dia dah menghadap dengan gadget..apa plan kita nak dapatkan kawan kita untuk involve dengan conversation?? Maafkan saya guna bahasa rojak. Yela kan, tak best bila tengah gathering tapi ada yang hadap,this is what I do (refer to picture) I know mungkin tak berjaya but least I should try kn..kalau korang macam mana nak halang kegiatan anti sosial ni tak berlaku bila berjumpa?
Luahan rasa pendapat,
Anisa Anuar

My Simple Weekend | End of the week April 2014

Hello everyone.. Glad to write something here.. It's weekend...still my favorite days for me. Who doesn't like weekend right?
What I've been doing?? Let see... Clean up the house, do the laundry, watching TV until late night, Eat snacks without thinking of the calories.. I don't go that what you guys want to say it..
I am not in the mood to go out..Maybe tomorrow (Sunday) I will go out..just maybe..
So, what do you guys up to for this weekend? Plan it well,okay?

Love, ANISA ANUAR xoxo

My Instagram Web View

Hey guys.. Just want to update on my Instagram profile at my blog. Basically, if I want to tell story through pictures, Instagram will be the my social network choice.

You can follow me if you want.. But still you will need my approval to follow my instagram. I put it to privacy...just lately.. to have more secure..from what? I am definitely not sure..hehehe~~
Love you guys =) xoxo

This Is How I React When I See This

Hey guys...Let me just get to my point. How you will react if you see when that person update their status... and they also like their own status.
So, this is how I react

Am I over reacting? Sorry, if you guys feel for what I write. I just feel amused with it..and yeah I giggle like a lot..
Don't take it personal,okay? It's your status not mine anyway.