Wednesday, July 02, 2014

When I drove my car...

Hey guys...just found one of the picture in my phone and I want to write something about it. I promise not to be as formal as I can (reminder: please read it in the most friendly tone)

Am I good driver? To be honest... I love speed and those accelerate.. Maybe that's why I am okay when my dad speeding (oppsss...hehehe) just the different will be when I drive with my parents and friends somehow different way..and also when I drive alone. Ohhh come on you guys have the same thought as I am right? Just admit it...
When I drive the first thing I would say to those who first time experience my driving skills --- "Just trust me on this, okay?" *enthusiastic tone*

I took a lot of driving habits and skills from my dad...even I do impress with myself. Let see....the last time I drove my car...around a month ago. I only drive at my hometown and not here in KL. I do amazed for those people who can deal with traffic jam for almost everyday. I am so out of it. You can say that I am not that kind of patient person.

So how about you guys? What kind of driver you are...

Sincerely from a driver,
Anisa Anuar

P/s : the picture credit to social media.

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