Thursday, July 10, 2014

When people still talk about #BRAGER

Have you heard about the Brazil vs Germany game? Yeahh people still talked about it. To be honest, I am not so into trolling about it even though I am Germany supporter. Don't get me wrong, it I know for Brazilian, it's about honor and dignity. Hope they not feel bad for this.

I didn't say it because my team win but anything can happen in splits of seconds. Too arrogant comments can lead to worst embarrassment (pray not to have this situation) ...

I always stick to Germany team, no matter what.. Let just say, I have crush with one of the player (ooppsss hehehe~~)
ohh one more thing; don't hate the player, hate the game.

Write for the best for both Germany and Argentina for final World Cup,

Anisa Anuar..



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saja mai blogwalking ja..selamat berjaya atas apa sahaja yang anda semua lakukan noo..mai dari blog mia ni dia rajin sungguh kumpul link supaya mudah kita blogwalking ;-)