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New drama series: Jane By Design

hye guys... it's been awhile.. I just watch this new hit drama Jane By Design on Astro channel 722 Star World HD or 711 Star World.. This drama are amazing to me.. I already watch 2 episodes.. Fashion, Boys and School are full package. Jane is still high school student and at the same time work as fashion designer.. Her double life as a student and fashion designer always make me so curious about her. She is such passion on her work, very descent, smart and always accept challenge..
What I like about Jane By Design? All awesome clothes...feel like in a runway fashion show..tonnes of dress, shoes, bling bling....I do feel I want to be like her..just in my dream.. Do what you like that is what I learn from this creative, take a chance, make decision even it is risky too many to list it,you guys should watch it too...

Tahun ni Beraya di mana??

Assalamualaikum semua... diharap semuanya sihat sahaja..  Tiap kali raya 1st orang akan pikir balik kampung kan?  tak kisah la, kampung kita tu kat area bandar ke atau memang kawasan kampung...
 jadi...mana korang beraya kali ni??? saya pulak macam tiap-tiap tahun dari saya dilahirkan sampai la sekarang... akan beraya di Ipoh,Perak.. kampung belah keluarga mummy saya.. tak pernah nak rasa jemu untuk beraya kat Ipoh..
cuti raya pun dah nak dekat..  ada pesanan penaja sikit ni.. diharapkan anda dapat merancang perjalanan anda untuk pulang ke kampung halaman dengan selamat... ingat orang yang tersayang.. jangan lupa kasi service dulu itu kereta korang yea... kalau ngantuk,tidoq dulu kat mana-mana kawasan R&R

book review | Chicken Soup for the Soul:Tough Times for Teens

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. For today book reviewing, I would like to share one of my book collection entitle Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times for Teens.
Summary:  A collection of 101 true personal stories about the hardest parts of being a teenager. Substance abuse, sexual abuse, self-destructive behaviors, eating disorder, love gone wrong, family issue and death of love one are being cover in this book. Each of the story is written by other teen who overcame their challenges and found happiness and meaning in their lives.
It is an interesting book to read especially teenagers out there who live in fear of the hardest parts being a teenager. Totally being inspired by them who have courage to let others know their story.

In my opinion, this book sure give a lot of lesson for all teenagers, like myself to survive our  youth time...Based on true story from people who live with tough time and believe to help others who might be in the same situation..