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Another book list

Last post I was write something on a confession of book lover. Actually that book lover is me..not surprise? Good then. No need to explain into details.So, I just want to share what are my book that I want to be ; keep as a list-book-to-buy.1. KL NOIR : RED & WHITE2. FANGIRL & Eleanor and Park
Anyone of you have any of these books...can I borrow it? Please..From owner of the blog,
Anisa Anuar

Confession of a booklover

Hey everyone. I have this new addiction I have been handling right now. I want to buy more books every time I am in a bookstore. Yes...this is so true. I am not lying. Once I get in the bookstore I will buy 2 or more books at once. Then another problem will occur, "when i want to read all those books...". I know we can borrow from library or your friends...but for me buy with my own money, it feels....urghhh just cannot describe it with my own words. My favorite bookstore will be kinokuniya as I can go there after my working hour. Trust me, I can be in that bookstore almost 2 hours. Insane or what.. After I realize my addiction, I have to put my own rules not to buy any books this month. I have to do this. Last 2 month, I bought 6 books and still need to read the one that I bought at Big Bad Wolf.Who have the same scenario as I am.. And now, I already have must-book-list..
Truly a confession of a book lover,
Anisa Anuar

Anisa's Corner post @twt_buku

I am so flattering after I have got respond from admin @twt_buku about be confident on what you write. So, I shared one of the post that I have in my blog.Even I don't use wide in my vocabulary and sometimes my grammar are worst than 3rd grade student but I am glad that I can write it.Be confident, just write anything. Of course I do feel timid to write it even now but who cares right?? Are you care?
It's okay to write just short rather than nothing.
That's all. Bye guys..happy writing..With love,
Anisa Anuar

Tak kesampaian dapat baju kurung baru

Saya ni susah sikit bila dah berkenan dengan sesuatu barang...tapi bila dah ada yang berkenan, barang tu mesti dah habits stock atau pun paling last kat display. Dah kata tak ada rezeki.
Baru-baru ni nampak kat twitter ada online shopping buat offer. Oomori nama tweet handle. Tahu jugak? Dengar boleh tahan famous jugak Oomori ni.
Nak beli baju kurung baru untuk buat pergi kerja, tapi yang saya berkenan dah habis. Permintaan laju la katakan. Nanti nak kena cari baju kurung jugak. Saya minat baju kurung cotton, tu yang susah nak cari yang dah berkenan.
Salam hujung minggu, Anisa Anuar