Friday, June 27, 2014

Confession of a booklover

Hey everyone. I have this new addiction I have been handling right now. I want to buy more books every time I am in a bookstore. Yes...this is so true. I am not lying.

Once I get in the bookstore I will buy 2 or more books at once. Then another problem will occur, "when i want to read all those books...". I know we can borrow from library or your friends...but for me buy with my own money, it feels....urghhh just cannot describe it with my own words.

My favorite bookstore will be kinokuniya as I can go there after my working hour. Trust me, I can be in that bookstore almost 2 hours. Insane or what.. After I realize my addiction, I have to put my own rules not to buy any books this month. I have to do this. Last 2 month, I bought 6 books and still need to read the one that I bought at Big Bad Wolf.

Who have the same scenario as I am.. And now, I already have must-book-list..

Truly a confession of a book lover,
Anisa Anuar

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