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Short post | Remind of someone

Hey guys.. It's me here. It's Saturday, do nothing day for now.  Right now,  I'm thinking to write for someone that I looked up to.  My dear grandma passed away a few months ago. 

My shawl will the focused (picture) My grandma bought it from me when I took care of her.. She asked me why this day, girls like us love to wear it. My aunt answer on behave of me as it is trend now this day. I am going to treasure this shawl. Yeah, I do miss her.  Love you, my dear grandma.
Girl who write to let her feeling out, ANISA xoxo
p/s : sorry for short entry..kinda personal post anyway =)

Cat Of The Day

Hey guys.. I was just wondering around with my Google+ and saw this cute picture.  Some of you might have seen it. 

I never have cat as a it will be nice if I have like this cat. I love that baby reaction, "hey..something is licking me..but wait..hey!!*surprise look*" I guess this could be new way to wake up our baby or the cat can be new babysitter.. Silly me~~
The cat do bother that baby to sleep...ohhh how cute..
-just simple post as a start-
ANISA xoxo

Library Coffee Bar | Post from other blog

When I just look at the title, I click it as fast as I can...that's show how enthusiastic I was when I saw it.. Here's the post I was looked at (Click here)

As much as the blogger so excited, so am I... It's one my dream too. I am coffee addict and at the same time love to read  books. I always imagine that I can drink my cappuccino while read books which I always do it at Starbucks for now.

You guys can see how I am so excited about this..and yes, I do put high expectation for this place...and I want to go..hey, maybe I should join if they have clubs or something...and there will be commitment issue later on...but that can be settle later on.

Based on Sally's blog information, it is at the AVENUE K?? Woahhh, this is just not far from my work place..Goshhh, okay...stop be so excited Anisa...sorry guys..I now more look like sugar-junky rather than coffee-lover.. If you guys want to try it too..let's go together then!!

Very excited girl,
ANISA (^_^) xoxo

My 2014 Wishlist : Cupboard for myself

Hey everyone...So,what is this about wishlist thing.. I just want to write what do I wish in 2014 and how I would love to fulfill it. I haven't done quite well on fulfill my wishlist frankly.. My wishlist is to have my own cupboard. Since, right now I lived in KL as I am now working around the area. I have an issue where my clothes not being assemble in a good way.. It is good for me but just the space look so untidy.

So, what kind of cupboard do I want? Let see...
First, I want everything can be assemble in the most tidy that it can be. Then, if there is mirror at the door; it will be just nice. I can look myself in mirror, although I am not fancy to look at the mirror anyway.
I don't want too big -  just perfectly enough for myself. If I have big cupboard,trust me I will buy tonnes of clothes just to make it no empty space left. Material of the cupboard- not to heavy type because it will be difficult if I have to lift it by myself. One thing I believe, this is quite impossi…

Dah lama tak join segmen dan giveaway

Hey semua.. Hari ni baru ada kesempatan nak buat blog-walking.. Rindu jugak la dengan aktiviti ni.. Tengok dah makin ramai blog yang cantik, isi pun dah best...wahhhh!! I missed a lot of it huh? Lepas tu tengok banyak jugak segmen dan giveaway yang awesome.. Lega jugak di hati tak ada yang ajak...ehhh bukan ayat touching okay...just kan dah lama tak menjenguk, kalau yang ajak segmen tak ke terkilan
"penat aku mengajak...tapi dia tak join..."

waaaaa~~ ayat retis pulak kan...hahaha...tengok la..kalau lepas ni ada kelapangan ke apa ke...tapi macam nak buat blog ni lebih kepada penulisan peribadi...kot ada la rasa nak join lepas ni tak pasti la kan...saya mungkin la join...tengok masa dan keadaan.. kang kata dah tak nak join langsung..pastu gi pulak join...jadi cakap serupa tarak bikin wooo~~

tapi serious tabik kat blogger yang rajin buat segmen dan join segmen *gaya tabik hormat* susah nak ada konsisten untuk join semua tu..okay, tu je la dari saya..nanti panjang berjela menuli…