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#52 Wordles Wednesday: 30 minutes of walking...

Let's make difference

Gambar tak jadi : Posing dengan poster Justin Bieber

Amik kau tajuk guwa arini.. Saje je nak menggedik bergambar dengan standee Justin Bieber ni.. tengah tak de orang kan..tapi hamik kau semua tak jadi daaa~~
Nampak sgt tak photo-gedik kn..haha anyway, thanks to my partner in crime tengok sama2, layan sama2 citer ni..Terima la gambar tak pandai posing ni yea...serious guwa nampak awkward dalam gambar.. tak kisah la janji enjoy time tu..P/s: tak update satu lagi movie..nnt la nak citer kat blog..

Justin Bieber's Believe Movie

At last, I manage to watch Justin Bieber's movie. Others might laugh at it but I don't care.. This movie really look deep into his life, his music.. I really feel so inspirational with him. When he said, when people want to see him down... It does show how world can be brutal to someone..
There are some emotional part when Avalana Routh is in the footage..Yeahh..I did cried..
This movie also have his concert tour moment. We actually do sing along in the cinema..It seems we were there too.. Most of the audience in the cinema frankly..
After look at his movie, I believe when he said he want to is gjood for be away from the madness of the media..I hope it just for temporary resting.. I enjoy listen to his song..
To Justin,
Keep on make song that can give inspirational to us..Hope to hear good news from you. Thank you for this 'believe' which really means a lot to us as your fan..
From your just a fan,