Saturday, December 07, 2013

Inter Impact Nexus Studi Beatz Dance

The other day, I asked my brother about video link on his dance competition..
Well...I never imagine that he is so into this B-Boy world. then, he gave me the video link

I scream like a fanatic fan girl..can you guys imagine it..okay..Don't Imagine it..
Yes, my brother is in that crew...
It's hard to recognize him because he seems so alike with his friends
although all of them are Chinese and he is the only Malay in the crew..
but still...I keep guessing which one is my brother..

until at one time, for his solo performance..
I saw this familiar move..that's how I know my brother..

So, they got second place out of 4 dance crew..
It does sounds amazing to me.. If they intend to go higher or next level..
I guess, they already have a fan here *waving*

My brother is becoming an engineering and B-Boy,
one thing that pop out at my head, he is so alike with Moose in Step-Up

From : Very excited sister who admire her brother

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