Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Dad give rules for dating

Every dad's in this world want the best for his daughter. So, they give simple rules and they "wearing" keep remind of those guy who want his daughter.

When I said they "wearing" it...I do mean it guys. Tips for the guys out there...most of girls which including me...really want my future soul-mate like their own father. In what way? caring, protective something like that..if you know what I mean..

When dad's wear like this kind of clothes..don't say that they did not warn you..hey, you guys might do the same thing if you have daughter too, right? Date your lady like you want the best for daughter to have (someday)

 p/s : dad really what best for his daughter...that's for sure..


Zul Fattah said...

untungler ada ayah yg dapat jaga anaknya..

boni kacak said...

nanti dah ada anak, nak kena tempah lah tshirt macam ni

cik amal said...

ada jugak mcm ni

Sam Banjamin said...

warning siap2... pepandai la amik hati bapaknye.. heheh..