Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do great things with my siblings : GLASS STONE ART

Hey everyone... It's been awhile for me to write something here.. Let just say, I am 'quite' busy..well technically.. So, what are the great things that I want write about..

It is Glass Stone Art that we bought just RM 6.90 at POPULAR Bookstore. Just want to help my brother and sister that they can be creative. Design what ever they want and I am really impress with them. It does provide all the material that need to be use. Brush, Paint colour, 12 Glass Stone and also handy book for tips and examples of design. Toothpick is one of the tools also can be used.
But there is trick part do all this thing...which is the flat part is where all the design can be done . You have to paint the foreground (latar depan) first before the background. 

Yeah, tell me about it... It is tricky...but sure fun.. suitable for kids and adult too.. If you like to give it as a gift, I highly suggest to you this. Your friend sure appreciate it a lot.. Trust me.. Want to take a look what my siblings and I had done it..

One thing for sure, the three of us do have time..especially my little sister.. You guys should try it too.. Just one problem...where do we want to put this glass stones.. At first, I want to put in our aquarium...but no way it can be done.. Well.. I am going to figure it out and you guys should try it too...

ANISA xoxo 

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