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Hey guys.. Today, I would like to share about book that I read 
and I was trying so hard to finish it. Well, you see...
when I'm just into that story then suddenly 
someone interrupt my reading and that's what happen..
I have to read all over again..

This book really like my story when I want a boyfriend when I was in high school
but..the different is.. I never thought on to make my invisible boyfriend look so real..
It was a fun story for a girl like me..

I do create imaginary boyfriend like those heroes drama that I watched on TV,
or...character that I read on books..
When I read this book, I just like "Heidi is just like me"..
At first, I'm feel embarrassed to make this whole confession that
I do have this imaginary boyfriend thing too..well..
it is..imaginary...nothing harmful to that..

ohh, yeah I do remember when I bought this book..
I feel like come on miss cashier, hurry up
everyone going to see what I bought here..
So, for my next reading will be something fun...and I haven't started yet..

Happy reading everyone...



Dunia Wilma said…
Wilma rasa buku nie mesti best kan :-)
Sheila Salim said…
Assalamualaikum nisa, bestnya. tapi sheila tak reti sangat nak baca novel inggeris ni. kalau melayu punya no 1 lahh baca, hehe
Remy hazza said…
zaman remaja penuh dgn imaginasi..... kata zaman berangan....
real boyfriend? ^__^
Noor said…
mcm menarik je cerita novel nih..
Eraz Fadli said…
waaa.. My Invisible Boyfriend tu..

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