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Accidently Delete the comment

Hey readers.. I would like to apologize that I've been deleted a few comments at my blog. Actually I want to delete the spams but then... I was accidently delete it...waaaaaaaa~~~ For those who have comment it, I would like to say I am so sorry... still keep comment at this blog.. Don't be scared. I am not that evil person anyway. I am so pleased with the comment. It just the spam that might..I don't know how to express it... "Please forgive me~~~" Sincere from the owner of this blog, Anisa Anuar

Clinic - Am I Sick?

Hey my dear blog. What a hectic week for me. Based on my post title, I sick? I went to clinic nearby my workplace to check on my condition. Let me get through what happen to me.The night before I was barely slept. I felt so uncomfortable. Until now actually..but still try to hang on to it.
I made drastic decision to see a doctor and tell me what's wrong with me. Just my way rather than do nothing,right?Wait for my turn which actually I was the only patient at that time. I came in to room and let the doctor do the work. Then,the doctor told me this.."You feel uncomfortable isn't it? There's no wax but the inner part is in wet and there's no big issue"
So could you guess what is my sickness? If you guess, ear problem..then you are right..In my terms how I want to describe this... I feel that my ear already have their own "bass" sound system. When I speak,I feel like I am shouting but it turn voice actually a bit soft to be heard by ot…

My Lazy Weekend

Hello everyone. It's good to write something today. So, how is your weekend? Ohh I am using present tense because it's still weekend. For me, it just lazy weekend. So,what do i do on this lazy weekend?Let see...Don't worry I won't go into detail. I eat and then watch tv, do some chores..and then eat again..AND sleep sooooo late but wake up quite early. My point is my weekend all about ME!!! Hehehe~~ okay sorry for the excitement tone there but it seems I'm quite busy huh?Usually,for weekend I have plans,my social plans...either be with my family or friends. I always go out and do something out there. As for this week, I focus on myself. Maybe some might thoughts, "awwwhhh,she's alone...pity her" but for me..I do need time to be alone. Why? Sometimes, I forgot to focus on what I want, just being me.. It's good to have "refresh" button.How about you guys? Have lazy weekend too? That's all from me. Toodles~~ *wave hand like a princess*S…