Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Lazy Weekend

Hello everyone. It's good to write something today. So, how is your weekend? Ohh I am using present tense because it's still weekend. For me, it just lazy weekend. So,what do i do on this lazy weekend?

Let see...Don't worry I won't go into detail. I eat and then watch tv, do some chores..and then eat again..AND sleep sooooo late but wake up quite early. My point is my weekend all about ME!!! Hehehe~~ okay sorry for the excitement tone there but it seems I'm quite busy huh?

Usually,for weekend I have plans,my social plans...either be with my family or friends. I always go out and do something out there. As for this week, I focus on myself. Maybe some might thoughts, "awwwhhh,she's alone...pity her" but for me..I do need time to be alone. Why? Sometimes, I forgot to focus on what I want, just being me.. It's good to have "refresh" button.

How about you guys? Have lazy weekend too? That's all from me. Toodles~~ *wave hand like a princess*

From the writer of this blog, ANISA xoxo

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