Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is there any promises should I need to fulfill?

Hey guys...and to those who read my blog.

So,what's up with my post anyway.. It is nothing personal, just what it's being in my mind lately.
For the story, actually I did fulfill one of my promise yesterday 
which is to take the January Birthday Boy to eat at Chillies. 
Then, I was wondering myself what other promises that I haven't fulfill it yet.

Frankly, I don't like to make promise.
It is like we have "debt" with someone...or we being "tied up" with those promises.
I know not promise is a bad promise. Good promises is that can change you into better person.

I just remember there is one promise that I do with my friend,
"if my result better than should treat me at least lunch.."
 That promise I made it...almost *count with fingers*
6 YEARS!!!! Ohhh goshhh..
Then, I have this one promise that I will NEVER and EVER fulfill it.
Why? Because that friend of mine was passed away 3 years ago.

So, how serious are you for those promises that you had made..
Is it like "verbal agreement" or "life-to-death agreement"?
One thing that I want to change is to think before make those promises.
Can I fulfill it without being "eaten" with those promises?
And I should write somewhere (usually I refer my Diary) what are the promises that I made that day..

This is what I've being thinking...Feel released to write here..

With lots of love from the writer,

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