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Pindah, pindah..

Hai semua... Apa khabar semua? Nisa sihat walafiat.. Tajuk citer yang simple je. Senang pendek kan cerita.. Nisa pindah minggu depan. Pindah tempat kerja dari tingkat 25 ke 30. Tempat yang beberapa je langkah kaki dari bilik CEO. Maksudnya tak boleh jadi budak nakal la lepas ni. Heeee~~~
Dah makin tinggi floor ni bermaksud tolong la jangan ada fire drill.. Tingkat 25 pun dah ketaq kaki cheq ni.. Ini kan 30.. Tak tercapai akal ku lagi ni. Sekarang tengah process clear barang yang tak patut ada. Walaupun kena buat seorang, harap boleh la gerakkan kerja. Nak mood cleaning pun dah makan masa. Gedik betul nak ikut mood aje kan. Alaaaa jangan tengok je, meh tolong sekali.. Berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing. Tak gitu kannn

Promote Dazzle Daisy

Highly recommended!!!
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Status Facebook : craving for new book

Hey everyone.. Let me update this very quick. I am not so into update status and one day I wrote something on my wall. Here goes something like this."craving for new book.  Any recommendations?..." - feeling incomplete. So will you guys help me on this? I prefer book regarding self development or learn new things.. And no-no for me that cliche storyline and too much romance. I am planning to make my own library.. And yes my book collection are growing constantly.
With full of ambitious, Anisa Anuar