Saturday, January 10, 2015

3 Ways To Stay Positive When Surrounded with Negative Energy

Let me share you ways to boost your positive attitude but as much I want to share from your part, it's the action part. All positive vibe can come within you or from surrounding. This is it..

1. Don't take it personally

People tend to say anything without they notice what they are saying. Ignore the emotional part, just be honest what they are normally say it. And yes,sometimes truth thing most hurt one. But how far we do to make things right when you now something need to be done.. Time to ponder.

2. Grateful for what is going well

Do the grateful list.What you are grateful happen in your life? Incident that give you lesson to learn. You can also say to person how thankful you are for their presence in your life.You will surprise what outcome you will get.

3. View everyday is a challenge as an opportunity for growth & self-discovery

Change our mindset can change our attitude. Be surrounded by positive people. Start your day with smile and not grumpy face.

Hope this can help you a little bit. Start your 2015 to be more positive person and effect others with your positivity vibe.

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  1. agreed !!! tp kdg tu mana ada sabar pun kita manusia tak dpt nk kawal kemarahan hehehe ^_^


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