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When they start become friend?

Hey guys.. my post for this time based on picture,okay? So,when they become friend? Now let's make assumption. They become friend..when they met accidently..most of us do experience that..when at first they became strangers and then upgrade it into friends.Second assumption, when they have same's like same thought,mind..everything is in sync. Insane right? It's like we met our twin.Third, we complete each other..our weakness is our friend strength and vice versa. I love the third assumption better.
To build friendship need time,trust and maybe sacrifice.
Love and appreciate your friend while you can.. Don't walk away from them when they in need or having hard time..if you do, just say that you are friend of them.Okay,enough with short thoughts with less elaboration. My point is..make more friend, learn from them to build yourself up.A girl who love make friend,

Typo Friday #6 : First in 2014

IHere gies nothing..the typo friday had began..without backspace my keypad..i type ohh i mean typing it like,have you spot error? Okay..ignore yhe grammar,please..Just done with my lunch..and i just..okay enough with just..
I want to do this typo thing..which a bit challenging..and so far seems pretty about you guys,accept my challenge to do the same that i did.. urghh i just want to tho do the nackspace thing..Ley just say i am over the moon for my weekend..and i hope you guys enjoy it too..i think i should stop before my sentence getting worst.Typo girl of a day,
ANisa Nadhira AnuarP/s: i did use one thime backspace for my name..but still have error i men typo

Hadiah birthday untuk adik (Dedicate to Atiya)

Hey semua.. minggu lepas saya mintak opinion nak belikan hadiah apa untuk adik. Ramai jugak bagi suggestion,terima kasih semua. Akhirnya saya belikan hadiah kat Candylicious,KLCC. Lepas balik kerja tanpa plan,terus beli..sekali untuk mummy dan adik lelaki saya.Sesuai dengan Atiya yang suka coklat dan...sukakan duit syiling. So,hadiah saya combinekan dua element ni..walaaaa dapat hadiahnya.To my dear little sister,
Eventhough we are 17 years different in age...but your attitude and character doesn't show that you are 7 years old. Be a good sister, love yourself and don't be shopoholic,okay? I'm serious on last statement. a good student too.