Saturday, March 08, 2014

When they start become friend?

Hey guys.. my post for this time based on picture,okay? So,when they become friend? Now let's make assumption. They become friend..when they met accidently..most of us do experience that..when at first they became strangers and then upgrade it into friends.

Second assumption, when they have same's like same thought,mind..everything is in sync. Insane right? It's like we met our twin.

Third, we complete each other..our weakness is our friend strength and vice versa. I love the third assumption better.
To build friendship need time,trust and maybe sacrifice.
Love and appreciate your friend while you can.. Don't walk away from them when they in need or having hard time..if you do, just say that you are friend of them.

Okay,enough with short thoughts with less elaboration. My point is..make more friend, learn from them to build yourself up.

A girl who love make friend,

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