Friday, March 07, 2014

Typo Friday #6 : First in 2014

IHere gies nothing..the typo friday had began..without backspace my keypad..i type ohh i mean typing it like,have you spot error? Okay..ignore yhe grammar,please..

Just done with my lunch..and i just..okay enough with just..
I want to do this typo thing..which a bit challenging..and so far seems pretty about you guys,accept my challenge to do the same that i did.. urghh i just want to tho do the nackspace thing..

Ley just say i am over the moon for my weekend..and i hope you guys enjoy it too..i think i should stop before my sentence getting worst.

Typo girl of a day,
ANisa Nadhira Anuar

P/s: i did use one thime backspace for my name..but still have error i men typo

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