Monday, February 05, 2018

Small change

Indeed everyone do have dream to make change for better world. At least within ourselves and family, right? I do want to do great things for others but then, I believe I must have good trust within me. Sometimes, I can be brutal to myself. Keep comparing my capabilities with others. It's not fair for me to do that...

Next, I take my journal and make milestone for me to achieve. I will make sure every day I will accomplish something.. and there is no such thing so small to achieve.

"I just do that...if compare with you..."

Again compare.. That's why you won't feel satisfy with yourself. You see what you have accomplish small thing. Same goes to when we make donation. It doesn't matter the amount of it but how willing are you to help..

That small change when we do it continuously and consistently, it will become something GREAT. Trust your intention and keep your head up... DON'T COMPARE okay dear Anisa.. Please don't be mean to yourself.

That's all from me.

Let's make changes,

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