Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Habit Tracker

Lately I write a lot in my diary. One of it, my habit tracker. I started do it - January 2018. There are a few things that I track down, like...

1. Solat Dhuha
2. Drink coffee
3. Read Quran
4. Drop Change $$$ - can refer as donation or put in safety box, usually I refer to my safety box.
5. Fasting (puasa) - one of 2018 resolution

Even at work, I do my own job log tracker. So that, I know what are my priority and how well, I spend my time at work place.

Since, you have read all the way.. I would like to give suggestion other tracker.

Suggestion :
1. Spending tracker
2. Read book tracker

picture from google
Some people prefer use apps to do this track thing, but I prefer traditional way - write in diary. So, I will appreciate every single habit to do it. I will make sure to make it consistently. Not too perfect but I do fine with almost perfect.

All the best to try do this - habit tracker.
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