Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recommended Apps : Wattpad

Hey everyone. I would like to recommend this application that I am addicted to now. It was introduced by one of cousins. This apps is suitable for those who love to read books and even you can make your own stories. If you want your story want to be read, this is one of the platform that you can start with.

These are the categories that you can look for. I prefer for Fan Fiction and Teen Fiction. You can look preview on My Library.

I always read it on my phone while wait for train and bus, I will read this. Just don't expecting too much because most of them are amateur writer and you can interact with the writer by vote and comment the stories. There will be update from time to time for each story that you read based how often the writer is going to update it. If you use it on your phone, no need to worry about the internet connection to read them, but you need it to  update and add more story to your library.

So, don't be surprise if later on my story might be in here.

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