Monday, September 16, 2013

Shoes lover

Everyone has their own unique way when to go for shopping and so do I. I always bad on what to do decide...but if I already decide, I won't hesitate just grab it and buy. The other day, I want to buy new shoes and thanks to my dear, shopping consultant help me out on decision. We had look for shoes just in 2 shops and I already can make up my mind. Actually,it depends on what things that I want to buy, for who, price (of course). After I've make my mind, then I just look for size and try put it on...then just pay for it. Ohh hey, yeah tell me about it...

I am not a person who is easy to go shopping. It is often for me buy for myself. Don't ask me why...I just like to spend for my siblings. After awhile, I had realised that I love to shop for shoes...and bags..hehehe.. so who's with me?? Put your hand up!!!

This is the shoes that I bought recently

I bought this before this year raya.
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