Monday, September 30, 2013

What I found interesting at Berjaya Time Square

As what we know, Berjaya Time Square have Cosmo World,indoor theme park...but for this post,I am more interested to write about shop that I found when I was walk all by myself.

1. CLASSIC is the shop for most Japanese movies and animes. The price quite reasonable and it's definitely original...don't even bother to test it out. I can't get out from that shop because my eyes like everywhere...I want this, I want that..

2. Place with cool t-shirt. Most of nowadays teenagers wear it. I love see this shop as if I were a boy, I am definitely going to buy it. As if..

3.Place for cap lovers. People who do collect cap any unique design,here is practically you should go.

4. ICE watch lover like myself, who love to make it as part of your personal collection,this place you suppose to be. The price is around RM10-RM15 (not the original expensive material).. My advice just pick that you like and if you are picky about the price,look out for the cheapest is RM10.

So there you have it.. If you would like to add it on what's interesting at Berjaya Time Square,please do so.. This quick review is what I saw on 1hour walk shop by shop all by myself.

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