Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Something that I wrote

Hey..It's been a while to be here.. I just want to write something that I wrote in a past..

What is honesty? honesty on helping other people? Are you really sincere in helping your friends when they need you? without complaining? Is it something that consideration of other people? Is that we call sincere? I really don't like to inconvenience others. As long that I still capable of doing it, I won't rely on others. Am I too dependent on others? I don't think so. As far that I know, I won't make other feel burden because of me. 

Here's are something that I will say when I am in trouble.
-I can settle it on my own. 
-We do not mess with other people,as long as people do not bother us. 
-Don't talk too much or else.. you will get some trouble.
-I shouldn't say anything. I will make others feel annoying ( So better shut up)
-Just hang in there..

Let other people feel happy so that we won't get any fight. Most of my friends sensitive people, so I as a friend should watch my words and my actions that won't hurt their feelings. Like my dad said, we must take a good care of our friends feeling, even though we are right,just give up. No use on fighting each other. Just let it go.

One thing that I know about myself is,whenever I frustrated or get so upset... I need ice-cream. Chocolate flavor. That will make me feel better. It feels like all my negative feelings been wash away by the melted ice-cream..yum yum..

Let just say, I do proud of what I stand for. I don't regret it. I feel like a winner. It takes time for me to get up actually. If you want to stand your right, you just need a guts and take a risk. If you don't do it, you should proud of yourself too because you able to control your feelings be professional. You don't take anything too personal. So,keep up the good work. One thing that you should aware,you might get hurt from the inside. Get heal quickly by talk to someone that you really trust.  This is from my own experience. 

"Don't be afraid to make a mistake. From that mistake, you learn something big" I always hold to this words whenever I go.

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