Saturday, April 23, 2011

Study week

Study week never been easy for me.. every semester, I will end up with project work
for this semester, research project..
I really enjoy doing it because I know it will benefit me later on..
You know what's in my mind now.
WATCH JUSTIN BIEBER (either the concert or his movie, but huh I just can't have any of it)

usually at this time, I might drink a lot of coffee.
why I will drink it up? to boost myself up that's what I think.

I know I need to get good results for this semester. I really hope for it. 
MOOD: enjoy study? =)

wish me luck.. 
I have learn a lot from this semester.
about friendship, trust, do what you know best, be independent
I really can do it in my own.
I do trust myself.
Not afraid to make mistake.

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