Friday, April 17, 2020

Which gummy bear will you choose

As usual from LinkedIn JonathanYabut which always make me think of my career projection in good way I would say. Sometimes me as myself still looking and searching what I want to achieve .

I choose gummy number 2, 7 and 9.

For number 2 - I feel blessed that I have boss that trust my work and trust me to handle situation on my own. I believe that's how we can better employee.
Number 7 - I have teammates that back up one another. We learn and understand each other personal matter like myself who is a mother to a lovely daughter.
When I want to go back early or emergency matter, they will like

"Don't worry, settle your matter first. We take it from here..."

Sweet right?
Number 9 - Learning is the best ever. Everyday so much too learn.
New thing. How to relate other people's work with your output?
How your work will impact client?
One of my favourite I would say.
My work also have Flexible Work Time (number 6)
but I choose to follow the 9am till 5pm. Nothing more than that unless if it's required which is I would say very rarely.
Next, I do wish for number 1 and 3.
I know I might sound greeding to have best both world but yeah at least I know what I want in my career. Wish me the best, okay?


So...which gummy bear will you choose??


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