Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Write This Yourself | 3 Things that I'm thankful of

Hi guys. Today I want to write my public diary in here.
Well technically I'm all good for sharing it, so you guys can imply it to your daily life.
What I will get for it? 
Basically I get nothing, just I can help you guys to start somewhere about yourself.

Have you wonder, why your life so difficult?
Why I can't have what I want?
And people just say, "Blessed what you have. Be thankful"
People around you can advice, but it's all about yourself to think further and act upon to it.

What I do when I reach my limit, I've start to talk with myself..
"I am so thankful I have this and that"
and I will write what I've thankful of so that I can read back what I've wrote down before.

So, here's 3 Things that I'm thankful of for today 

1. My phone not working. So,instead of me worry about my work and about my social.
I should take a good rest as I'm now in recovery mode.

2. Fever, cough and blood circulation issue. Well, I think I need to start about my health from now on. I have my own family right now. When we are sick,we start to call our creator (Ya Allah, ampunkan dosa-dosa ku) and we start think we did past.

3. I have wonderful husband. My chef, my nurse goshhh how am I going to do without him. Thank you for the attention and care.

Well, that's from me. And how about you? You can do it too.
You will be amazed what the outcome later on.

From the writer,

Anisa Anuar 


Syira Lokman said...

kalau nak hidup penuh semangat boleh terjah blog syira..klik entry motivasi di sebelah kanan sidebar :)

sHaRiNa eLyaNa said...

stiap mslh ada hikmahnya...kan..

kalau tak keberatan meh join GA sha..
syarat simple ja..
tq :)

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