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Characters that I like

Naruto as the main character is one of my favorite. His wish to become Hokage. I like his character that are determination in everything you do, never give up on hopes and dreams. He know what he want in his life in such a young age,it do inspire me. He always help others in danger whether his friends or not. He develops an especially close relationship with Sasuke Uchiha and deep caring affection for Sakura Haruno, two of his fellow ninja in Team 7. I also impress by his will on use his own power and not from the nine-tailed fox power which that he believe bring such a bad impact when he almost hurt his friends when become the 'monster'. He such a playful for most of the time but when it comes about fight,he become serious and more focus about it. As for me, he can be a good role model that his character can be apply in real life.
"I don't go back on my words. That's my way of the ninja!"--Naruto
One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year…

The Thing that I collected..

This albums were collected since I was in high school. When I am not in a mood or in a dream world mode,I would listen to one of those. I was use my own money to buy it (with little help from my dad). I know,maybe some people might say,"Just a waste buy those" or "I think you just download it". Actually I won't mind to buy it because I like to listen to it. I hate most when my brother use it without my permission and in the end,when I want to use it, it is not in a good condition. Urrghhh I was furious about it. How could he do that..and never say sorry? okay, whatever..
Here's most list for "The Most Played" 1. I Promise You (With Everything I Am) 2.The Answer to Our Life 3.Everyone 4.Yes I Will 5.Something That I Already Know 6.Treat Me Right 7.Love Will Keep You Up All Night 8.Gotta Find You 9.Who Will I Be 10.Our Time Is Here 11.Fly With Me 12.Before The Storm featuring Miley Cyrus 13.Good Day 14.Just The Girl  15.Catch Your Wave 16.Say Goodnight 17.Jenny 18.Ev…

duduk rumah...

lepas seminggu busy meeting kat shah alam..ceceh bunyi mcm org berkerjaya kn? xde la sgt just sibuk berpersatuan.. mak aku xbpe suka sgt aku berpersatuan,katanya aku xpandai bahagikan masa...mungkin la kot. setakat ni apa task aku setel baik2 aje,walaupun ada yg last minute... clishe la tu kn... so aku ddk je la kat rumah ni...aku xle simply keluar rumah mcm adik aku (Awie) coz..tah la maybe sbb dia lelaki..
guess what,mmg aku membuta je la petang2 ada la keluar jgk rumah.. kerja utama aku dan Ameer (adik ke-3) cuci longkang... mmg terbaik la...busuk tu xyh ckp la..kekeke~~ mmg busuk pun... yg paling aku x gemar buat mende ni bkn sbb bau nye ke atau kotor ke..x kisah sgt konfirm nnt jumpe KATAK!!!!
katak ni la buat aku hilang 'macho' taw x...ish2...fobia2...kisah nyer masa sekolah dlu la..nk cepat gi sekolah,pakai la kasut cepat..then....paham2 la...rasa geli kat kaki...apa lagi menjerit la aku pagi2 buta...urghh since that day....baling dlu kasut sebelum…