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things that I like..

Anything that relate to chocolate.. ice-cream chocolate, cake chocolate,hot chocolate.. usually when I'm stress I will something chocolate thing to make me feel better. seriously for me..totally work.Comic book. I would prefer read light thing rather than novel. I do like novel but when I need totally in a mood to read novel.Dreaming..yes, I really love dreaming..with prince charming, be a super hero.. I like my imagination..truly beyond my mindSing and dance..not professional just for fun. for me to express my feelings.Watch movies. prefer on cartoon and comedyWalk alone in a park or lake.. to watch the view and relaxWatch other people. usually when I went for shopping. I will look others behavior.. one thing that I would do is I will make a guess what are their occupations, martial status, have car or not.. Sometimes quite fun to do it.. Just not to carried away with it..Talk to myself. although people might think that I'm crazy. I really don't care. Sleep. Actually not …

Something that I wrote

Hey..It's been a while to be here.. I just want to write something that I wrote in a past..
What is honesty? honesty on helping other people? Are you really sincere in helping your friends when they need you? without complaining? Is it something that consideration of other people? Is that we call sincere? I really don't like to inconvenience others. As long that I still capable of doing it, I won't rely on others. Am I too dependent on others? I don't think so. As far that I know, I won't make other feel burden because of me. 
Here's are something that I will say when I am in trouble. -I can settle it on my own. -We do not mess with other people,as long as people do not bother us. -Don't talk too much or else.. you will get some trouble.-I shouldn't say anything. I will make others feel annoying ( So better shut up)-Just hang in there..
Let other people feel happy so that we won't get any fight. Most of my friends sensitive people, so I as a friend shou…