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Recommended Apps : Wattpad

Hey everyone. I would like to recommend this application that I am addicted to now. It was introduced by one of cousins. This apps is suitable for those who love to read books and even you can make your own stories. If you want your story want to be read, this is one of the platform that you can start with.

These are the categories that you can look for. I prefer for Fan Fiction and Teen Fiction. You can look preview on My Library.

I always read it on my phone while wait for train and bus, I will read this. Just don't expecting too much because most of them are amateur writer and you can interact with the writer by vote and comment the stories. There will be update from time to time for each story that you read based how often the writer is going to update it. If you use it on your phone, no need to worry about the internet connection to read them, but you need it to  update and add more story to your library.

So, don't be surprise if later on my story might be in here.

Shoes lover

Everyone has their own unique way when to go for shopping and so do I. I always bad on what to do decide...but if I already decide, I won't hesitate just grab it and buy. The other day, I want to buy new shoes and thanks to my dear, shopping consultant help me out on decision. We had look for shoes just in 2 shops and I already can make up my mind. Actually,it depends on what things that I want to buy, for who, price (of course). After I've make my mind, then I just look for size and try put it on...then just pay for it. Ohh hey, yeah tell me about it...

I am not a person who is easy to go shopping. It is often for me buy for myself. Don't ask me why...I just like to spend for my siblings. After awhile, I had realised that I love to shop for shoes...and bags..hehehe.. so who's with me?? Put your hand up!!!

Random by

Hey guys. Happy Malaysia Day. Okay, it is been awhile for me to join in segment,so I won't missed for the world.. I would like to be a part for Cik Amal first random segment. If you want to join in,just follow on what you need to do.

Click the banner above to go straight to do URL of this segment. Ohh hey, she asked want nick name that I want to put. Cik Amal, could you give me... ANISA. Just my name. (^_^)

My late grandfather's memoirs

Hey everyone. This time around I try not to be sad as my grandmother was passed away a week ago. So, my cousin already make a dedication for both our late grandparents and this time around I want to share a few things that we have discovered especially from my late grandfather. These are the things that we had found when do the cleaning my late grandfather's stuff.

I was so thrilled when I saw his diaries. I looked the date that I was born, the day my siblings were born also were written in his diaries. The things that he wrote basically just minor thing such as, "Breakfast Roti Canai and Nescafe". All of us read it when he detail out like "Eat Mee Goreng that was cooked by Anuar (my dad)". It feels that we do know what he was doing at that time. I will treasure his things as I want it to be heard by my children and grandchildren.

Before the cleaning activities were held, I was visited to my grandmother's grave as she passed away on 11 September 2013. Al- …