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Glee on Archie's comic

Hey guys... Have you heard that Glee is on the Archie's comic? I am so thrill to hear this news when Glee is on Archie's comic because I am fan of Archie's comic and at the same time Glee's fan too..

Archie #641 issue cover

Archie #644 issue cover
I am so looking forward if this comic issues are going to be available in Malaysia. Or should I just buy it through online... Wait until then.. This collaboration sure give huge impact for both Glee and Archie's fan. SO, anyone out there are their fans too??

Celebrate Your Partner's Victories

How do you feel when your friend are winning? or they won on competition? How would you react to it? Most of us sure have this kind of problem how to celebrate your partner's victories and I am pleasure to give you some tips.
1. When seeing your partner in victory, you can encourage and praising for their success. That's what commonly people would do.
2. You can also acknowledging every time they take even very small steps towards their goals. Your praise sure make your friend become more motivated and so are you.
3. Show appreciation on their hard work, effort and team work if you are in a team.
4. Being a "mutual admiration" --- never talk badly about each other. Please avoid this from happen. 
5. If you find it so hard to be a positive partner by compare yourself badly why don't you look at your relationship with partner's other good thing.
I hope this tips could help you how to celebrate your partner's victory. Celebrate it doesn't mean that need…

My Reading : Ultimate Boy Band Book

Hello everyone. As soon as all the books were paid at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, I was read this book. Ultimate Boy Band Book. yeah, you can laugh all you want as I read this book. I bought it with only RM5. Even though it is what we can say as an 'old' book but I really enjoy myself read this book. In this book shows how the boy band group were created and what will be the future for the boy band. I guess there is some sort of formulation on create the boy band that might be use by new comers or even k-pop for idol group. All in the boy band were referred to the Back Street Boys sure I feel proud for them. Other boy band story such as N'sync, 98 Degrees, PlusOne, C Note were cover in that book. Now a decade had past by, some of them did achieve something and others they might do too but maybe in other field or do something great. As I read this, all the 90's memory are coming back so hard. Now, I know why my mummy bought Back Street Boys cassette when I was 5 years …


Hello everyone. Have you heard the new show on MTV? Catfish is when a person pretend to be someone else that you're actually think that online with by false their information, use other people pictures that usually the intention is getting someone to fall in love with you.
This reality show give documentary on reality how to catch the catfish. The bad thing about this approach is when that person might actually lying about it and you can get hurt. Well in positive side, you can prevent for worst scenario might happen.
The thing that we can learn on this tv show when there is someone out there just too good to be true. Example she or he might be a model or actor that want to approach you. Please don't trust this..This one of the thing that I can come out with. So, why don't you guys try to watch this show and see for yourself. 


Hai semua.. Semalam saya pergi ke BIG BAD WOLF di MINES. Semalam juga hari jadi adik saya dan dia berasrat untuk ke sana.  Kebanyakkan buku harga dari RM1 sehingga RM20. Jadi rambang mata la bila nampak banyak buku tu.. Sampai je di sana, tengok ramai orang di sana terutama pelajar yang kebanyakkan guna voucher buku. Semua dengan membawa kotak, beg besar malah ada yang bawa bakul beroda untuk bawa buku.
Apa yang saya beli?? Ada la. Hehehe.. Boleh tahan la kan..Hasil gabungan buku saya dan adik-adik saya.

Masa tengah nak cari buku ada jugak rasa sedih. Nape? Sebab ada buku saya beli dalam 2 tahun lepas harga belas-belas (tak ingat harga sebenar) tapi bila nampak buku tu ada kat BIG BAD WOLF ni haaa!!! RM5??? urghhhh!!! hehehe... Jadi nasihat saya, bila ada event macam ni...ladies, please..jangan pakai heels.. tak seronok nanti nak shopping sakan. Sebab tu yang saya alami.. 

Gambar ni beg yang kami sekeluarga guna.. Kalau boleh nak tambah lagi.. Tapi cukup la.. Harap ada lagi BIG BAD …